Christina Alletto

Licensed Commercial Agent/Vice President

Christina Alletto, CPM® is the President of JM Real Estate, Inc. a commercial management, leasing and sales company based in Brevard County, Florida. Christina is also the Chief Revenue Officer of Tzadik Management, an industry leading Multi-Family Property management company based in Miami, Florida. JM Real Estate and Tzadik Management formed a partnership in 2020.

For most of Christina’s career, she worked with an owner and developer who operated in both the Northeast and Southeast regions, helping transform a small company from 300 units to over 20,000 apartments and condominiums. It was during this endeavor that she played her hand at every level from property management to ultimately becoming the President of Signature Housing Solutions, Inc., the Property Management arm of the parent company, The Finch Group, Inc. There she gained immense experience in evaluating market trends and has implemented these skills across many different regions. In addition to facilitating the execution of deals upwards of $120M, Christina has overseen a multitude of varied projects including Lease Ups, New Construction, Historical Preservation and much more.

Christina joined Tzadik Management in 2016 as Chief Revenue Officer. She works closely with Tzadik’s Regional Teams to improve efficiency and productivity while strategically placing talent where necessary to maximize potential. Her vision and execution of streamlined processes supported the company’s reduction of total expenses by over 20%. Christina helped establish an example for routinely meeting budget goals while setting the standard for quality customer service and productivity. The implementation of precise KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) serve as the biggest impact Christina has had on Tzadik’s management operations, with annual performance up 23% since their inception.

Christina’s eye for talent and opportunity facilitated Tzadik’s segue into a new management structure, establishing the new Regional Vice President position within the company. This change allowed Christina to take on a much larger role in the company’s client development efforts. This propelled Tzadik’s expansion into Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri all within 6 months. She was also involved in the development and coordination of more than $500,000,000 in capital improvements and new construction in efforts to help reposition the acquired assets, routinely meeting budget goals.

In addition to her critical role in new business acquisition, Christina expanded her role within the Human Resources Department as well as leading the company’s Marketing efforts. Under Christina’s guidance, Tzadik has seen vast improvements to the company’s internal and external communication efforts, helping establish new platforms for training and transparent flow of information as well as maximizing the company’s external output to investors and prospective buyers/sellers. After recently merging Tzadik’s Marketing and Customer Service Department, the company has seen customer satisfaction improve by over 65%.

The 2020 partnership with JM Real Estate Principles officially branched Tzadik Management into the Commercial Real Estate Market. Christina has headlined the integration process, working to effectively assimilate Tzadik’s technology focused approach into JM’s day to day business diligence. The implementation of the latest management database combined with Christina’s hands on approach has already supported the team maximize output and future forecasting.

Overall, Christina has facilitated Tzadik Management’s growth from just over 1,000 units throughout Florida to over 10,000 units throughout the country. The processes and performance metrics she brought to Tzadik have allowed the company to be scalable, helping the company grow by over 100% in the last year alone.

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