Eric Olszewski

Licensed Commercial Agent


Eric has lived in Brevard County since 2006.  He is originally from Long Island, NY where he began working in the automotive industry at a very young age.  He advanced into a director position and managed 7 stores and supervised 300 to 350 employees. 

Eric then began his own automotive parts inventory business and employed approximately 40 people.  After operating his business for 27 years, he sold his portfolio in 2020 to a nationwide company and was retained by the company as a Business Development Manager. 

Eric’s business connections and networking skills transition nicely into the commercial real estate industry and into his role as a Licensed Commercial Agent.


Eric and his wife Tess honeymooned in Key West in 2008 and it is their go-to travel destination.  They love Key West’s sunset celebrations!  They enjoy the drive down across the many bridges that connect the Keys, and once they park the car, they unload their bikes and don’t drive again until it is time to come home.  

Fun Facts

  • Eric and Tess cycle daily for exercise
  • Eric is a car collector – in his collection is a ‘56 Beetle, a ‘95 Del Sol (the Key West car), and a very rare ‘97 Acura Integra Type R
  • Eric rides a unicycle!
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