Joel Espino

Director of Operations/Sales & Leasing Agent
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Joel Espino is the Director of Operations for JM Real Estate.  Prior to transitioning to JM, he was the Revenue Analyst for Tzadik Management, an industry leading Multi-Family Property management company based in Miami, Florida. JM Real Estate and Tzadik Management formed a partnership in 2020.

Joel, although being born in Miami, FL, had the privilege of living outside of the United States by spending his early years in his parent’s native country, the Dominican Republic. Joel attended elementary school in the Dominican Republic allowing him to become fluent in Spanish and adopting the Caribbean country’s unique culture that is centered around camaraderie and the pleasure of serving and pleasing others. This has translated vastly into his professional career as Joel’s strongest attribute as a professional is the ability to work effectively with his peers and customers, always approaching each interaction with the same level of compassion and care.

Joel began his career in real estate in 2008 and has gained experience in property management and real estate investing by working for some of the largest management companies and REITs in the industry including First Service Residential and Invitations Homes.  Along with his extensive experience in residential management, Joel also managed and leased more than 125,000 square feet of warehouse and office flex space in the South Florida market.

Joel joined Tzadik Management in 2018 as a Business/Revenue Analyst bringing his knowledge of real estate investment and property management to provide and implement new approaches to data and how to best use the several data points to help the management team make sound business decisions. During his stay, Joel assisted and oversaw the acquisition of more than 5,000 residential units and was pivotal in the on-boarding process of these units and was recognized as avid team player.

The 2020 partnership with JM Real Estate Principles officially branched Tzadik Management into the Commercial Real Estate Market. Joel once again played a crucial in the integration process, working to effectively assimilate Tzadik’s technology focused approach into JM’s day to day business diligence. The implementation of the latest management database combined with Joel’s background and firsthand experience has supported the team to maximize output and future forecasting. Joel is committed in his role as Director of Operations to help JM and its team to continue providing the unmatched service it has for over 20 years in Brevard County, while also lending his attention to the future growth of the company.

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