Julie Pineda

Property Manager


Julie has a vast spectrum of property management and real estate background.  She has managed day-to-day operations for over 200 buildings during her career.  She began in accounting and worked her way into property management.  Her management experience includes managing apartment complexes, cooperative condominiums, and properties ranging from 586 units up to 1,400 units with commercial space. 

Julie knows property management has its challenges but says she has met some wonderful people along the way, many of which she continues to be friends with years after working with them.  Julie’s experience has been ongoing for over 35 years!  Julie is continuing her Property Management career with JM and looks forward to many more years of service to our landlords, tenants, and vendors.

Julie relocated to Florida after living her entire life in New York.  She does miss her friends and family who remain in New York, but she does not miss shoveling her car out of the snow!

Most of Julie’s free time is spent with her family.  She is a very proud mother of 3 wonderful children who have blessed her with grandchildren and a continuously growing family.  Family is Julie’s greatest love in life.  Julie’s second love is everything animals.  Big, small, domestic, and wild – Julie loves them all!  She is an avid visitor to animal sanctuaries, volunteers at animal shelters, and has provided a safe home to many dogs and cats.

Fun Facts

Enjoys Broadway Shows and Live Music Concerts

Favorite Vacation – An Alaskan Cruise

Enjoys Walking and Running at the Beach!

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