Leasing Information

Key Benefits

Having been in this business for over 25 years with combined agent experience of over 200 years, we are armed with a substantial database of prospects, tenants, corporate retailers, office users, etc., that we have built up over the years to position ourselves to be highly successful achieving the best results for our clients.

We maintain an extensive directory of commercial brokers/agents. We encourage cooperatively brokering deals and we enrich and preserve relationships with the brokerage community. To reiterate, we have and always will encourage co-brokerage associations.

Since we are one of the largest property management and leasing companies in Brevard County, if a prospect is looking in this market, then we know about it. They will inevitably contact JM’s office or visit our website to see what we have available.


Thorough Market Analysis

When a property is placed in our portfolio, we perform a market survey of comparable properties for lease in the area. We then recommend to the owner our pricing strategy so that we can confidently go out and find tenants and fill spaces.


If no one knows your property is there, then how can you expect to get leasing activity? There are numerous ways to “get the word out” about your property; many at little to no cost. Here is a key list of how we market your asset:


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